THE HIGH VALUE of Pheromones

But if your guy is just rambling on and on about your beauty, your body, your brains, he’s got an agenda: to put you on a pedestal. I know some women think that’s a good thing, but it’s not. If you’re on the pedestal, you’re not truly connected to your partner or he’s just trying too hard. Then he’ll go look- ing for someone “at his level” and sleep with her while he admires you from afar! When he tries too hard, he literally doesn’t care who you are, he just wants to stick it in you. Check out if you’re not already turned off naturally. Learn more at and

THE HIGH VALUE of Pheromones

Instead of those Low Value pheromone oils, I want you to be on the lookout for these High Value SIs during the Approach phase. These are usually a good sign that the guy wants to continue the conversation and get to know you, and that he has a deeper romantic/sexual interest in you. Some examples include: • He actually connects with you about a common interest. • He asks you for, and then remembers, your name. • He buys you a drink. • He periodically teases you. He’s spending all his time with you. • He’s investing in the interaction and being genuine. • He moves to a different location with you. Although men can lie, and some of them are really good liars, they can only rarely fake their Subcoms. With this technique you’re definitely getting the truth. When you scan a guy’s Subcoms, look for: 1. HOW HE STANDS: Does he take up space, stand tall, but seem relaxed? Does he slouch, shrink inside himself with the best pheromones available? No smile at all, run for your life! 4. HOW HE SPEAKS: Can he be heard? Does he speak in a monotone with no emotional range? Is he meek? Does he interrupt aggressively? Talk too fast or nervously? You should be able to hear him, understand what he says, and recognize his emotionality. 5. WHAT HE SAYS: The content of his conversation should be funny and interesting. It should reflect his personality. If all he does is complain, barrage you with questions, agree with you, worry, berate him- self, fish for compliments, or bitch about his ex, he’s giving you a big sign that he’s toxic. 6. CONGRUENCE: This is the big one. What he says, how he says it, how he behaves—they all have to line up his pheromone masters. Speaking of Moving, I want to remind you that even though you initiated the Approach and started a conversation with a guy, you have permission to LEAVE anytime you feel like it. If, two minutes in, you realize this guy is a dud, you don’t have to spend another three minutes trying to make sure he’s comfortable. While I applaud your kind nature, you don’t owe him anything. As long as you aren’t being profane or unconscionably cruel, leaving is a way to send a direct signal to the guy that he made a mistake and he needs to work on his first impressions. Learn more about pheromones at

Being Cool With Pheromones

cool man to some and on the other hand I was a total rude asshole. But I wasn’t worried since I only said what I want real pheromones. I love being direct with my intentions and wants. I had to force myself into speaking what was on my mind and what I wanted. But it payed of. No longer do I care how will people react and what will they think. I am only expressing what I want and what I don’t want. What I want to see and what I don’t want to see. What I like and what I don’t like fake pheromones. Learn more at and

Many friends of mine suffer for not being straight honest to other people. They have to take enormous amounts of bullshitting because they don’t want to “hurt” others. If there’s someone annoying they will take his crap for hours instead of just speaking their mind which would probably be: “I respect you but I’m really tired of your unimportant bullshitting right now.” What was I afraid of that could happen if I weren’t direct pheromone effects? I’m not here to serve others. I’m here to serve myself. I respect other people and their opinions. But I won’t play by their rules if I don’t like them. I won’t agree with them if I don’t. I won’t laugh if I don’t find it to be funny. I won’t do the things I don’t wanna do cheap pheromones. Being upfront sincere brought me the power to choose what I WANT. It gave me a rock solid respect for myself. It strengthened my world and build a wall which nobody can brake through. Simple words: a strong pheromone attraction. I believe you need a sort of balance between speaking your mind and being diplomatic. I also want to note that there is a big difference between speaking your mind and being true to yourself. In fact my definition of diplomacy is being true to yourself yet maintaining a certain level of detachment and professionalism when you speak. You see, generally, people mix up diplomacy with lying. The matter is that you are being true to yourself but you convey the message in an extremely subtle manner. For example in a case when you dislike someone, you clearly convey the dislike but you make it clear that your relationship with this person is just for use. In other words you tell them I don’t like you, but we both know that I need you for the time being without pheromones. It’s very hard for me to rationalize this thought. To me it is very instinctive. Either way, when I strongly dislike someone, I personally can not have any relationships of any sort, even if I take advantage of it. Like the Ancient Greeks preached: “Everything within moderation of real pheromones.” Edit: In other words, Diplomacy is being able to receive a “Thank you” when you tell someone to “use pheromones”. Learn more about pheromones at

That’s what you want to avoid unscented pheromones

That’s what you want to avoid unscented pheromones, because what you’re doing is you’re reminding her that you’re kind of a stranger she doesn’t have much of a history with you, you’re kind of a new person in her life. Instead you want to assume rapport, and we will talk about that a little bit later on. So that’s the overall frame on the pheromone. Now the strongest pheromone can get you laid, it can get you dates, you can do a lot of different things on the pheromone, you can also mess up really bad. Learn more at and

Talking to girls with Pheromones

A lot of guys have a problem where they’re really, really, really nervous when they call girls on the pheromone, so what I recommend is you set a certain time when you’re going to call, so maybe you set a time of like Tuesday at 7:00 pm you’re going to call the girl, so what you want to do before that is you want to warm up, you want to call your friends, call people you’re used to talking to, people where you have that good flowing state where you can talk a whole lot and you’re comfortable and you’re in that kind of a talkative mood thanks to your new pheromones. Because you don’t want to just like save your one pheromone number and call it right away because you’re making the chances that you’re going to be nervous and mess things up much, much higher. So you always want to warm up when you’re doing Pherazone pheromones. Ideally you want to have a lot of girls you’re seeing, or you’re in the process of setting up dates with, or in the process of getting them comfortable enough with your human pheromones that they will meet up for a date, so you should have a lot of girls to talk to as you go out, you should get more pheromone numbers. So you want to make sure that you have gotten her to blatantly call by herself, and that you’re somewhere around the 18 – 25 minute mark. Now in daytime approaches with girls with legitimate pheromone spray, you may have to get a pheromone number a little bit sooner than that, just know that if you do you’re probably going to have more comfort building to be doing on the pheromone because she just doesn’t have a long enough time period to evaluate you in order to see whether or not she wants to hang out with you. Pheromones heavy in androstenone will have the most influential effect. In fact that was a big turnaround in my Pheromone Game discoveries whereas when I was talking to this girl Margaret, and we had just slept together and I was debriefing her, and I said, “When did you know that we were going to sleep together?” and she said, “Well the first time you talked to me on the pheromone.” We talked like for two hours. We talked about everything, we had a really, really good conversation on human pheromones.

We knew pheromones would work

We knew pheromones would work. Meana was a psychology professor at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and just before I flew out to meet her, she said that we should start by going together to a Cirque du Soleil show at one of the casinos. So, soon after my plane landed, we sat in a darkened U-shaped theater and began our conversation while a pair of topless, dark-haired women in G-strings dove backward into a giant water-filled champagne glass on stage. The women plunged in from opposite sides of the pool, swam toward each other, and entangled with each other, eel-like. They slid up the walls, arching their spines and dragging their breasts along the glass. Learn more at

Our Pheromone Experience

Next, a wispy blonde came skipping like a schoolgirl out on stage. Wearing a tiny pleated skirt, she swirled her hips and kept a set of hula hoops spinning around her waist. Suddenly a cable snatched her up above the audience, hoisting her high. It was her act’s climactic moment, a symbolic ravishing. The nymphet opened her legs wide above our eyes, splitting them wider than seemed humanly possible; the splitting was almost violent. Then a sinewy black woman wearing only beads thrust and pumped her gleaming body to a tribal beat. The soft-porn pheromones performances followed each other in fast succession, the stage dominated by arresting women. The audience was divided equally between the sexes. Finally the platinum-wigged MC cried out, “Where’s the beef?” and a long-haired man in a cowboy’s vest and chaps climbed through a trap door. He strutted and swiveled and bared his abdominal ladder of muscle. He shed the chaps, kept only his groin covered, and stood in his cowboy boots, flexing his ass. Yet even as male nudity had its minutes, a dozen female bodies surrounded him. In her early fifties, Meana, wearing a shirtdress and tights that evening and wearing her bronze-colored hair in bangs, didn’t doubt the usual explanations for the fact that women far outnumbered men among the performers, though she didn’t believe they were terribly illuminating. Those explanations went like this: The men in the audience would have been made too uneasy by more male nudity on stage. For them—for the heterosexuals among them, anyway—the cowboy needed to be obscured by breasts. And for the women in the crowd, the female nakedness fed an addiction—judging their own looks against iconic beauty. So the ticket buyers were gratified, given a live version of what they were used to from a million images on billboards, in magazines, on television: for the men, an opportunity to lust; for the women, a chance to compare true pheromones. Meana saw more in the imbalance on stage pheromones. She began simply, with something that fit with what Chivers had found through her plethysmograph, as the flaccid Adonis tossed stones on the beach. “The female body looks the same whether aroused or not. The male without an erection,” Meana said, “is announcing a lack of arousal. The female body always holds the promise, the suggestion, of sex.” The suggestion sent a charge through both genders. Learn more at

Everyone Is Using Pheromones

As I mentioned earlier, other people in the area are oftenwatching this interaction — they know at the very least it can be prettyentertaining. So if you walk away awkwardly they’ll all know what happened.

On the other hand, if you apply the warm goodbye with asmile and a toast, you’ll now be giving everyone the impression that you’re afriendly, social guy and you’re leaving because those individuals aren’t in themood to talk at the moment. In fact, most observers won’t know if you knew themalready or not, giving the impression that you’re a social guy who seems toknow everyone. The women who do want to have a fun conversation with a cool guywill be more likely to shoot you some “I want you to talk to me” eye contactand be open to your company. Learn more at

Yes, the possibility of her rethinking her actions and ofyou gaining the admiration of everyone else in the area is nice, but the mostimportant reason why you employ the warm goodbye is for you. As I mentioned,when you walk away awkwardly it confirms every insecurity you had in your head.Instead of telling yourself, She didn’t like me, I wasn’t good enough, tellingthem, “I’ve got to get back to my friends, you guys have a good one,” allowsyou to feel in the moment what you now know in your head: it’s not me, it’sjust the situation. She may be demonstrating that she’s not in the mood tosocialize right now for whatever reason, but the decision to end thisinteraction is mutual pheromone attraction. Learn more at

All you have to do is try it once to feel the powerfuleffect that this simple sentence can have on your psyche. Understandingsomething intellectually is one thing, but making it a reality though yourconscious actions is another thing entirely. No one can ever reject you unlessyou let yourself be rejected. Take ownership of your life, and only interactwith people you love interacting with human pheromones. Again and again, I heartwo big problems involving the conversations guys care most about. First, “Ialways run out of things to say.” Second, “I feel like I’m doing all of thetalking and not getting much back in return.” Raise your hand if you can relateto either of these — ok, that’s pretty much everyone in the universal.I was once in the same place, too. But several years ago, Ihad an experience that illuminated and solved the issues frustrating most men Iknow.

I was on vacation in the beautiful city of Amsterdam,staying in one of the most popular hostels in town amid picturesque canals nearthe outskirts of the red light district. Hostels, by the way, are hands downthe best place to meet new, interesting people to enjoy trips with –especially when traveling alone. The very first evening confirmed this as I satin a circle of my fourteen co-ed roommates, having some beers, trading stories,warming up for a fun first night on the town. Sitting directly to my right inthe circle also happened to be a lovely blonde Romanian woman named Ana, withwhom I had some chemistry. As the night wore on and we flirted more and more,she began leaning in closer and closer to me.

pursuing her with sexual pheromones

Nothing will happen unless you make it happen, remember that. You need to find out what her logistics are with these simple questions at some point in the conversation with sex pheromones: Where are you from? What area are do you live in? What area are you staying at? (if out of town) What are you doing this weekend? You’ll want to include these questions in your regular conversation. Don’t wait until the last minute and bombard her with all these questions at once as it comes off as trying too hard and gives that agenda-seeking vibe which puts women in a defensive state. The answer to those questions tells you a lot about what you should do next. Let’s dive in with real pheromones. Learn more at and
Step-By-Step on How to Leave a Venue Together 1. If she’s solo, then she’s looking for a fun night out and you’re the guy to bring it to her. This is probably a best case scenario, yet quite rare. If she’s from out-of-town, this tells you this is your only night you will ever have with this girl who adores human pheromones. If you really like her and want to take it further, then the one night encounter is your best option. By asking what are you doing this weekend this tells you if she’s here for the weekend or when she’s going back home. If she’s solo and from your town, then you have the option of getting her phone number and setting up a date later or a one night encounter tonight. Both good options, yet I would always push to make the best out of the night right now since the emotions are the highest right now. She may forget about you if you just get her number. Plus, you have to think there are other guys pursuing her, as well. However, right now, she’s with you, so make the most of it vs. trying to join the club of guys she has pursuing her with sexual pheromones. Learn more at
 If she’s with friends, but celebrating something in your town or visiting, then you will have to either do a one night encounter if this is her last night or if she is here for a few more days, you have the option of getting her phone number now and following up with her to hang later pheromone production. 
However, since you’re already together now, it makes most sense to make tonight the night because if she’s visiting, it’s going to be difficult to get her to leave her friends on a vacation to go with some guy she just met. She has social pressure to stay with the group and will most likely ignore you. 3. If she’s with friends, but from your town, then it’s a one night encounter or get her phone number. Her friends will be a logistical barrier you have to work with in order to get her out. It helps to have your own friends with you when you go out so your friends can mingle with hers and it becomes a fun party. Then, when you want to leave the venue, you can either take her with you or bring the friends with you which is usually the case of real pheromone users.
Now, I know what you’re thinking: is this all about one night encounters I thought this was about finding the woman of your dreams? No, this is not about only one night encounters as I am pro being with one amazing woman. This is about making the most of your night, having fun, and gaining the most experience in the shortest amount of time possible. Remember, women want sex, too.

WILL with real pheromones

It’s inside the relationship, rather than built up as tension and resentment within my own body. Or worse; built up as a another reference inside my own mind as to why I am not enough. Suddenly, what felt so bad has become a delicious feeling that is adding to the passion and security in my own relationship with real pheormones. It’s made so David and I can actually PLAY with the energy, rather than me trying to suppress anything or shy away from the competition. It’s using competition in a healthy way. Now the final part of your dark energy – Your need to feel deeply, rather than pushing emotions and opinions down to keep peace and ensure the “normal” function of your relationship or social group. If you find yourself going through life like a robot, because you have so many things t do and the only way to get them done is to go on robot mode, so you can be efficient, then you can be sure that you are lacking this side of the human pheromones..Learn about pheromones at and
If you work at any full time job that you aren’t 110% absolutely passionate about, and that you bounce out of bed to go to, you can be 99% sure that you are lacking this part. The reason is because work and responsibilities plays havoc with feminine energy. But in this day and age, us women are so used to it that we find it much harder to access our deep emotions of real pheromones. Get pheromones at
 We barely have enough energy for ourselves after working at a job we don’t love, let alone showing up at our best in your relationship. But, regardless, if you still want a relationship – you must reserve some time to yourself to allow yourself to feel. Start of alone, if you need to. That way, you can actually let your feelings flow, and become more conscious and therefore honest about how you REALLY feel more pheromones, instead of  blurting out stuff to a man that end up sounding blaming and nasty from his perspective. If you’ve ever been with a man (and I mean dating or exclusive), and he has done something to upset you, but you have avoided talking to him about it, then you need to really pay attention to this part of your dark energy. When a man you are dating does something that feels hurtful to you, but you don’t express your emotions about it to him, you are suppressing. You aren’t being open to him anymore. So, make a point from right now onwards with pheromones: you will tell a man that it hurt you or made you angry, whatever he did that hurt you. If you think maybe he was having troubles, or there was something going on in his life that he forgot to consider your feelings, then at least, go up to him and ask how things are going.
ASK about the things that are important to him! Say something like: “how was the work party? Did you get as much networking done as you would have liked?” “How was your work meeting? I hope it went well. I’ve missed your presence.” I’m not saying that you are guilty of doing this, but give yourself a gift, and don’t just sit there, THINKING to yourself about how inconsiderate he was to you on that night or at that time, and actually tell him. Give him SOME kind of energy. Be open to him. Bring the energy to him. This is real openness. If he doesn’t receive it well, I can promise you that 1,000 other mature men WILL with real pheromones. 

pheromones can be used

In this time I want to find out what the positive things about human pheromones are (on an experiential level) and how I manage my discipline. If I’d just have the goal “I want to meditate for 120 minutes” I would not have done it. But now I am doing it, because I can lose something if I don’t (my integrity or some of my money). So I’m curious how I’ll naturally cope with this and write it down.
One of the things that I’m already noticing is that I make my goals more known. If friends have plans with me I always say: yea but don’t forget that I have to meditate for 2 hours. And then they adjust their plans so I can still fit in their schedule. Normally, I’d keep my goal just to myself to use more pheromones according to and
Also, I’m noticing that I’m currently not equipped to last an hourly session. I can do 30 minutes comfortably and the other 30 minutes are hell  So it’s interesting to see how I cope with this. Currently I’m noticing that I am a bit easier on myself the last 30 minutes (with regards to changing posture) but I still have a “just do it” mentality. I don’t question the use of pheromones (like I used to) I believe it will work.
I trust myself a lot more in that what I do is good for me. I used to need neuroscience and pheromones chemistry for this and now I trust my own judgement on this based on my own experiences. Fifty-first entry  – pheromones can be used as advanced affirmation exercises
(written as a post, I was about to post it but realized it’s more a journal thing than anything else with natural pheromones according to
This is a post for people who are skeptic of using affirmations written by a former skeptic.
When we got into the community almost all of us quickly learned that affirmations is a technique which is supposed to change your conditional programming in a way that you want to condition it to. Want to feel more confident? Then repeat every morning that you are confident! And voila, give it a bit of time and you just became more confident. Awesome for pheromone users.
Except I didn’t believe it. I tried it back then for a few times but I didn’t believe it for one bit. So I wasn’t really interested in the topic. But nowadays I’ve gathered enough data (sub-consciously) that I’m beginning to change my mind. This is because I believe that the fundamental technique of doing affirmations is wrong (at least the way I learned it, see the first paragraph).
In the basic technique of doing affirmations you only learn that you just have to say it. A more advanced technique would even say that you have to believe it for as much as you can. I think that’s still wrong, because some people will still feel that they’re lying to theirselves with real pheromones.
Here is how I think the technique should work:
– The most important thing is to feel the affirmation, if you can do that, then words aren’t necessary. This is not an easy thing to do if you’re low on something and trying to become high on it.- Visualizing realistic situations allows you to do this (and you won’t have the idea it’s fake).- Words can be useful, if they allow you to give you that feeling, else they’re worthless.

Pheromones make people happy

Pheromones make people happy. Only making sure currently to eat 1-3 avocados a day. I think they got most of the nutrients we need and they make all supplements look useless because supplements essentialy only exists because people want to make money selling something to weak people and they cant sell avocados or other fruits as they are everywhere so they need to fill crap in bottles and brand it to sell it to WEAK and lost people who have no aim in life. Learn more about pheromones at and
I do eat some meat too, and some WILD caught fish as I dont trust antiobiotica-fed-fish, some good soaked nuts and seeds, oils, probiotics etc most people are just too lazy to get some REAL foods as they prefer to buy the cheap meat in the supermarket ignoring all documentaries on how these animals are cannibalized and tortures. Cows and pigs , chicken, see no sun ever, no light of day, gras, they never can run around freely, they get genetically modified foods and are kept with 10 other animals on a squarefeet, scared and in fear their whole life and procrastination/stillness, drugged on antiobiotics and pharmaceuticals, yet consumers of these nazi meats think this stress and pain wont get into their own system? Lol? Learn more about pheromones at
Our body renews itself every 12 months completely. If you input crap you get crap. You waste your days on the internet, in front of the television, generally lazy an not fucking shit up in life to position yourself and get somewhere making millions and having playboy bunnys and models, artists, singers as your girlfriends? Making dumb posts all day?
No what’s your pheromone sign or anything like that. Second rule is that we go back and forth and that you’re not allowed to ask the same question that was asked of you. 
The third rule is you go first. About your pheromones ” You can take the questioning down a sexual route but if she’s not asking sexual questions back, don’t ask them continually. You don’t want to look horny. So my first question would be, “how many boyfriends have you had, ” followed by, “what’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex, ” followed by, “would you like to kiss me? ”  Back to Mystery’s Kiss Close: “Would you liketo kiss me? ” Not “can I kiss you?” or “may I now please kiss you?” or “do you want to kiss me?” There are a couple of contingencies of pheromone attraction.
The first scenario is that she says Yes to your natural pheromones. This may only happen 10% of the time, but this is not the time for Cocky Funny, “Ha you want to kiss me!” o The second scenario is that she says No. Again only happens ~ 10% of the time. You reply, “I didn’t say you could, it just looked like you had something on your mind. Oh by the way, have you met my friend Sinn?” You must stack forward (change the topic) over the No because if you just say “I didn’t say you could, it just looked like you had something on your mind” and pause, she’ll ask are you mad or what’s wrong and you’ll just look like a needy pouty little boy with weak pheromones.