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Sizegenetics is one of the most effective extenders on the market. She laughed when she said this, and added, “Probably these thoughts of mine didn’t transmit a sexy image, or a sexually available one, to these guys.” Brenda was right. Women’s sexuality definitely changes when a baby arrives. As we know, it’s an incredibly exhausting and busy time. A great deal of her mind is also preoccupied with the biological survival of this baby. Psychiatrist Daniel Stern calls this “the motherhood constellation.” He would say that the mechanisms operating in Brenda are primarily a natural biological preoccupation with the baby. Mother bears can fend off a dangerous predator three times her size to protect her cubs. The system that makes her nurturant is coupled with the anger-rage system, and makes her fierce at times. That’s part of the motherhood constel- lation. And part of that is biology. It’s why we survived as a species. We think Stern is right in many ways. However, we disagree that the changes in Brenda are only caused by biology and that they are necessities. We also take a couples view of what is going on for Brenda. Learn more at and

There was a lot that James contributed toward Brenda’s not feeling sexy or attractive, and toward her anger. He didn’t initiate most things in their relationship. He also didn’t initiate sex very much. He often said, “No” to Brenda’s initiations. What may be the most harmful is that he was never very romantic with Brenda. Once she stopped being romantic toward him, and once she doubted her own attractiveness, the sexual energy drained out of their relationship and was replaced with anger. Brenda actually needed James to be romantic more than she ever had before. But instead James turned to internet porn. How do couples manage their differences in sexual desire and in how romantic they are? Mary and David found a great way to manage. Mary said that when she married she had a lot to learn about men and masturbation. It was also against her religious upbringing. She had no brothers growing up, and she was somewhat sheltered. At first, she was put off by David’s talking about his masturbating. Then she talked to other people about masturbation, as well as to David. She asked him questions about his sexual development, and came to accept masturbation as healthy. Some women also use masturbation when their men aren’t in the mood, or just for fun. They talk to their men about it, and it can draw them closer. Sometimes the men help their women to have an orgasm. The important point seems to be an acceptance of many different kinds of sexual experience. Mary now enjoys giving oral sex to David, but she has to remind him that women like oral sex too. She has now learned to ask for it when she wants it. David finds that very sexy. Mary sometimes assists David’s having an orgasm by helping him masturbate. Some women choose sex. Learn more at